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  1. May 30, 2018

    Okay, I consider myself an above average crafter and my husb. is THE puzzle solver in the family. But both of us are having a devil of a time making these look like yours. We're using red and black to go with a ladybug theme.I noticed that one comment mentioned a step-by-step photo tutorial. . .am I missing something?

  2. June 5, 2018

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  3. June 5, 2018

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  4. June 5, 2018

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  5. June 5, 2018

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  6. June 5, 2018

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  7. June 5, 2018

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  8. June 5, 2018

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  12. June 5, 2018

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  15. June 5, 2018

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  16. June 5, 2018

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  17. June 5, 2018

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  18. June 5, 2018

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  19. June 5, 2018

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  20. June 5, 2018

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  21. June 5, 2018

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  22. June 6, 2018

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  24. June 6, 2018

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  25. June 6, 2018

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  26. June 6, 2018

    Blimey Vix, you are a vintage whirlwind. I'm in awe of you. :)Veggie lasagne sounds a treat, what recipe do you use? I would go veggie (again) but I'd miss seafood too much. Do love a big dish of veggies though.xxxp.s I'm currently collecting pretty things to start this jewellery swap with you lovely, if you still fancy doing it?

  27. June 6, 2018

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  28. June 6, 2018

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  29. June 6, 2018

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  30. June 6, 2018

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  33. June 6, 2018

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  34. June 6, 2018

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  37. June 6, 2018

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  38. June 6, 2018

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  51. June 7, 2018

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  57. June 7, 2018

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  59. June 7, 2018

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  60. June 7, 2018

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  62. June 7, 2018

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  72. June 7, 2018

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  73. June 7, 2018

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  77. June 8, 2018

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  78. June 8, 2018

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  79. June 8, 2018

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  85. June 8, 2018

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